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Reinventing Battery Material Technology: Paving the Way for a Sustainable Future

We are thrilled to introduce the cutting-edge MPGA (Methylated Polyglycolic Acid) Battery Material, the cutting-edge advancement in battery technology. This state-of-the-art next-generation energy storage solution is set to revolutionize the industry and pave the way for a more sustainable future.

Groundbreaking Eco-Friendly Battery Technology

MPGA Battery Material represents a groundbreaking leap in eco-friendly battery technology that has the potential to make significant advancements across various sectors and markets within the fuel cell industry, replacing conventional battery materials. This advanced battery material utilizes an organic secondary battery design, integrating organic metal materials extracted from biodegradable plastics.

Decades of Research and Development

The research and development of MPGA have been ongoing for over a decade, spearheaded by scientists who have been involved in battery patents and battery research and manufacturing by major companies since the 1960s in Japan, known for its battery expertise. The MPGA material has been designed to maximize the unique properties and composite nature of the material, enabling its application in diverse fields. By addressing the inherent issues and imbalances of existing battery materials, MPGA has achieved a battery material that is nearly flawless in its composition.

Challenging Existing Knowledge: MPGA Battery Material

From this point forward, all the information presented on this webpage will challenge and redefine your existing knowledge and understanding of batteries. You will be amazed to discover that the outstanding tasks of solid-state lithium-ion batteries and the pending challenges of various capacitor batteries can be addressed today with MPGA battery material. Fasten your seatbelt in and embark on a journey to experience the world of MPGA Battery Material, which is right at your fingertips.

Join Us on the Journey to a Cleaner Future

Our mission is to exceed the limits of technology and contribute to a more environmentally friendly and cleaner future through the utilization of MPGA. We are ready to make a difference in a world that is constantly evolving. Join us on this exciting journey.


What are the key benefits of using MPGA battery?

Get ready for a battery revolution with MPGA batteries! These incredible power sources offer a multitude of advantages that will completely transform the battery industry. Brace yourself for a game-changing experience! Here's a breakdown of the exciting features of MPGA batteries:

  • Zero explosion risk

  • Higher energy density and output

  • Remarkable reduction in weight and volume

  • Outstanding long-term durability

These characteristics make MPGA batteries the preferred choice across a wide range of industries:

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • ESS

  • Industrial Applications, Etc.

The MPGA batteries offer a remarkable level of flexibility and adaptability due to their compact size, large-size capability, and versatile formability. This opens up opportunities for developing new application products in fields that were previously limited. Here are the key features contributing to their flexibility and adaptability:

  • Compact Size

  • A Single Large Size Up to 1X10m

  • Versatile formability

  • Flexibility and adaptability

One of the standout features of MPGA batteries is their environmental friendliness:

  • 100% Environmentally friendly

  • Biodegradable

  • Harmless to Humans and Animals

This makes MPGA batteries an ideal choice for environmentally conscious applications.

MPGA batteries are set to innovate various battery-related industries and usher in a new era of safe energy storage solutions.




  1. Electric Vehicles

  2. Drones

  3. Power Grid Connection

  4. ESS (Energy Storage System)

  5. Solar Streetlight

  6. UPS Backup Power

  7. Electric Boats/ Ships

  8. Communication-Based Stations

  9. Solar/ Wind Energy Storage

  10. Cellular Phones/ Watches

  11. Search and Rescue

  12. Electric Scooter

  13. Caravan / Camper

  14. Various Home Appliances

  15. More with no limits or boundaries!

MPGA batteries and battery storage systems can be utilized in various industries and sectors in a much more sophisticated and comprehensive manner compared to traditional batteries.

In the transportation industry, MPGA batteries are used not only in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and all vehicles that use conventional lithium-ion batteries but also in various industries such as ships and aircraft. MPGA battery storage systems can double the size and efficiency of tank systems that store renewable energy generated from solar and wind power plants. In the telecommunications industry, MPGA batteries can be used as long-term backup power in case of power supply failures, and public enterprises can manage power grid stability and peak demand by utilizing large-scale battery storage systems. In households, they are used as backup power and batteries for many consumer electronics such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

Compared to traditional batteries, MPGA batteries have several strong advantages in terms of efficiency, such as unlimited material supply, simple manufacturing methods, and diversification of manufacturing sizes, while the unit cost is much lower than lithium-ion batteries. Furthermore, due to its unique characteristic of being bendable and cuttable, MPGA batteries are expected to expand the range of battery and MPGA battery storage system applications.

Note: The Data Comparisons for MPGA and Li-ion batteries may change frequently as their features continue to increase.

"What if?" - Unleashing Your Boundary Imagination

WHAT IF, we could imagine a world where battery technology surpasses our wildest expectations? 

What if, there was a 100% Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable Battery that exhibited Exceptional Low and High-Temperature Tolerance, with No Risk of Explosions, High Energy Density, and a Lifespan of over 20 years without Performance Degradation?  What if, batteries didn't require Recharging and could Wirelessly Charge Electric Vehicles while they are in motion?  What if, we could significantly reduce the production costs of batteries, making them more affordable for consumers?


Until this day, these seemingly unattainable questions have served as a shared mission for all those in the industry. Embark on a journey to uncover how the most extravagant of ideas can materialize into tangible realities through groundbreaking advancements in our battery technology.


WHAT IF? "Unleashing Your Boundless Imagination" will guide you on a captivating journey into the realm of possibilities, unveiling the ultimate goals and challenges that the entire global battery market aspires to achieve.

It serves as a guidebook, presenting a myriad of thought-provoking questions across various fields while showcasing how the MPGA Battery technology has the potential to solve all these issues.


As you delve into the pages of this document, you will gain a clear and accessible understanding of our ground-breaking MPGA Battery. It is our sincere hope that it sparks your curiosity and ignites a profound interest in this revolutionary technology.


Welcome and Join us on this extraordinary journey, as we explore the limitless possibilities of the MPGA Battery and its transformative impact on the world. Embrace the wonders that lie ahead, as we embark on a path towards a more efficient, eco-friendly, and electrifying future.


Let the voyage begin.

PDF document. (Ver. 1.5)

WHAT IF? "Unleashing Your Boundless Imagination" (11 pages)

MPGA Battery In Numbers










We are Revolutionizing the Way People Think about Batteries and Energy Storage solutions.

The New Battery Market we aim for is the fantastic harmony of combining all achievable characteristics of battery energy, enhancing efficiency, and reducing production costs while being applicable to all fields where batteries can be utilized.

Our focus is on creating high-performance, efficient, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly energy storage solutions. In a situation where existing battery technologies face challenges in terms of safety, cost, and environmental impact, we believe that now is the time for an absolute transformation.

*The accumulated data denotes the utmost numerical manifestation, and the difference in results may vary depending on the application in which it is applied.

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