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AISS: Automatic Interchangeable Self-Charging System


Step into a future of efficient, sustainable, and customized power management that not only boosts device performance but also champions a greener and more energy-conscious world.


AISS: Unlock the Potential of a New Era in Power Management


The utilization of MPGA provides superior functionality compared to traditional batteries while allowing for savings of up to 50% in space and weight. The MPGA DUAL BATTERY system can be installed in this space, enabling continuous automatic charging and swapping of two batteries. The Automatic Integrated Self-Charging System (AISS) of MPGA induces self-charging of the battery through an innovative power motor system and provides comprehensive solutions for the utilization of self-charging batteries. AISS minimizes initial power input while maximizing power output and sustainability through an innovative power motor system. It offers new solutions never seen before for applications powered by batteries or applications connected to regular power supply. The system is capable of generating an impressive 18Kva (Kilovolt-Amps) of power from a meager initial input of only 0.24Kva, making it a remarkable power generation solution that is 75 times more efficient. 


This system operates by connecting a single-axis drive motor and a power motor, generating unlimited electrical output with a small initial power input. It maximizes the efficiency of various electrical and electronic devices and becomes an essential component of advanced system integration devices.


AISS consists of two MPGA batteries that are lighter and have superior sustained performance compared to conventional lithium-ion batteries. The AISS technology is a single-type automatic system that charges and swaps these two batteries with each other, ensuring continuous functionality of the application until the performance of the application itself is depleted. Considering the 20-year lifespan of MPGA batteries, the self-charging system can bring significant cost savings to users who utilize this feature, both in terms of the economical aspect and the tremendous benefits of cost savings.


The AISS encompasses two types of devices, each designed to cater to specific applications and requirements.

1. First Type of Device: Designed for battery-powered applications. 


The first type of device is specifically engineered to be used in all energy applications powered by batteries. This device operates the driving motor using the power supply from the battery and provides the power required to drive various systems and components. This device includes a generator motor responsible for power output. It is worth noting that while the generated power is being used from one battery, a portion of it is returned to the charging level of the unused battery to recharge the generator motor. This innovative configuration ensures the sustainability of electrical energy while providing infinite power to various electrical and electronic devices.


The design of AISS provides excellent power-saving capabilities by blocking power loss, making it an ideal choice not only for transportation fields such as cars, drones, ships, and future Air-Taxis, but also for various life applications that can benefit from self-charging. Energy-efficient design maximizes power utilization, extends battery life, and provides energy resources. Let your imagination take you as far as possible. AISS and your ideas will open up a world of infinite possibilities, gaining customer trust with the best performance and energy conservation combination in the field of your application.


2. Second Type of Device: Powering Homes, Stores, and Factories

The second type of device is specifically designed to work in conjunction with regular power supply provided by power companies. This device is engineered to effectively utilize the power supply in use to ensure optimal performance and reliability. This device offers options for both AC and DC power, allowing smooth integration into various systems.


One of the features of this device is its ability to generate power efficiently. By converting available power into a consistent power pattern and utilizing it effectively, it maximizes energy output and minimizes waste. The operation of AISS improves the existing performance of applications and significantly reduces energy consumption.


The application of AISS is not only ideal for homes, shops, and factories but can also be applied to a wider range of fields. Whether driving household appliances, supporting store operations, or operating machinery in factories, this device provides consistent performance and reliability while optimizing power consumption. The combination of AISS and MPGA batteries provides a stable and reliable power supply solution in all application fields.


The efficient utilization of power with AISS helps reduce overall energy consumption, resulting in cost savings and reducing carbon emissions, thus reducing carbon footprint. Embracing this technology not only improves operational efficiency but also opens up a greener future.


The advanced power supply design and energy-saving features of MPGA batteries and AISS represent new solutions in power management technology. By embracing this innovative solution, users can contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to power consumption. The combination of MPGA batteries and AISS advanced technology will ultimately open up infinite possibilities for the industrial revolution.


Imagine a future where power management is tailored to your specific needs. The revolutionary bio-degradable batteries, drive motors, and generator motors equipped with MPGA and AISS are at the forefront of your future. It offers a path to a greener and more energy-conscious world beyond the improvement of the performance of electrical and electronic devices.


Embrace the power of MPGA and AISS technologies and unlock the potential of a new era in power management.


Can AISS be used with existing lithium-ion or other batteries?

Unfortunately, the answer is 'No.' The AISS operates by alternately charging two batteries. While one battery is in use, the other side charges at 75 times the power. When the active battery is depleted, the freshly charged battery is used consecutively. This method requires a significant reduction in the size and weight of the batteries, more than 50% compared to current lithium-ion or solid-state batteries.

The major drawback of current battery-powered vehicles like cars and airplanes is the unresolved issue of the weight and size of the batteries. The batteries produced by MPGA are less than half the size of lithium-ion batteries, even with higher power and energy densities, and their weight is naturally reduced by over half, making the use of two MPGA batteries unproblematic.

Reducing the existing lithium-ion batteries by half to implement the AISS method would not only diminish the sustainability of the battery but also result in a considerable decline in overall performance due to frequent charging. In contrast, MPGA batteries can withstand over 40,000 charging cycles, surpassing the 2,500 to 4,000 cycles typical for Lithium-Ions and other batteries. Moreover, they boast a lifespan exceeding 20 years, rendering them well-suited for applications in AISS.

Moreover, lithium-ion batteries face a significant drawback when it comes to continuous exchange charging—the need to address heat amplification. While some secondary batteries have addressed this heat issue due to the nature of their raw materials, the problem lies in their inability to bring about any size changes. Additionally, the energy density and power density drop significantly, making continuous charging impractical due to the technological limitations.

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"THE NEW ORIGIN" for tomorrow with a small and lightweight design, yet powerful and long-lasting battery, is starting.

MPGA's raw materials possess a more comprehensive and powerful performance than any batteries currently in use or under development as challenges in the coming years. While excellent battery performance is crucial for all vehicles, transportation means, and products in various fields aimed at the future, innovative approaches as an independent operational unit with minimal weight, absolute long-term sustainability, and no need for recharging are absolutely necessary.


Moreover, a solution that is eco-friendly and offers an infinite supply of materials, not subject to limitations in any specific environment, is an essential requirement for 'The New Origin.'


Through the production of batteries using MPGA raw materials, MPGA has brought forward the day when all of this becomes possible by several decades."

"The New Origin"  

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