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"MPGA Battery Technology is an eco-friendly battery with robust functions that will surpass existing batteries  and establish a stronghold in new fields and markets within the fuel cell industry."




In recent years, the demand for high-capacity storage batteries has increased significantly, as the stability of power systems has become a critical concern across various industrial fields. This demand has been driven by the growing need for reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy sources.

MPGA batteries offer advanced features that exceed those of current lithium-ion batteries, including greater efficiency, lower costs, and increased flexibility. These advantages are a result of years of research and development by Japanese battery specialists, who have been at the forefront of the battery industry for many years since the last 50 years.

Through years of testing in real industrial environments, we have derived the most efficient results and are confident that the PGA battery is the most effective battery available today. We believe that it has the potential to replace existing batteries and to be applied in a wider range of industries. We are therefore investing in building a factory for MPGA batteries and preparing for global commercialization.

Our long-term goal is to extend our technology to more industries, provide reliable and affordable energy sources, and promote global energy development. We believe that MPGA batteries will play a key role in achieving these objectives, and we are committed to advancing the development and commercialization of this promising technology.

Vision Statement: "Leading the Way in Sustainable Energy Solutions: A Future Powered by MPGA technology, Enabling Universal Access to Clean, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Power."


Mission Statement: "At MPGA Battery, we are committed to transforming energy storage with our groundbreaking MPGA technology. Our mission is to empower industries with high-performance, eco-friendly solutions, expediting the worldwide transition to renewable energy and electrification. Through unwavering dedication to innovation and sustainability, we endeavor to redefine the energy sector, shaping a cleaner, greener future for everyone."




MPGA Research team and the laboratory institution were established



  • First Development of manufacturing technology for V-Redox Battery

  • Organometallic complex PLAS (development of PLAS battery)

  • Organometallic complex PGAS development (PGAS battery)

  • Patented PLAS battery, patented PGAS battery



  • Methylated polyglycolic acid and its manufacturing method and manufacturing equipment were defined.

  • The first official technical data was established by Kyocera R&D, Japan



Various Patents for the MPGA Technology were registered



MHI CO., Ltd. was registered in Japan




  • Initiation of McKinley Human Innovation's (MHI) global business

  • Commencing plans to establish a comprehensive R&D system in each country

  • Global partnership agreement for MPGA battery technology implemented


2010 - 2014

2015 - 2020

2021 - 2022

- Current

In 2010, the MPGA battery technology was developed by a team of researchers and scientists with extensive experience and knowledge leading the battery industry in Japan since the 1960s. This team is a core research group that has led the development of lithium-ion and vanadium batteries in Japan, as well as playing a key role in the development of various battery products and technologies such as vanadium redox batteries, organic-metal hybrid complex PLAS and organic-metal hybrid complex PGAS.

In 2015, our research team amalgamated their professional expertise with inventive market-driven ideas to develop the revolutionary MPGA Acetate Battery, which exhibits outstanding economic performance. The battery was fabricated by devising a manufacturing process to acquire methylated polyglycolic acid with exceptional electrical properties, which preserves the biodegradability of polyglycolic acid while enhancing its durability and function as an industrial material, thereby maximizing its utility as a power source material for secondary batteries. With confidence in the battery's potential as a power source material for secondary batteries, we have filed patents for both the production method and the battery's full-scale manufacturing.


Since 2021, MPGA battery research has experienced remarkable growth, with numerous laboratories in Japan dedicated to developing and testing batteries for diverse applications. The outcomes of these extensive research endeavors have demonstrated impressive levels of performance and efficiency, opening up infinite possibilities for MPGA battery technology.

Beginning in 2023, we are poised to deploy state-of-the-art batteries across multiple industries with confidence in the outcomes of our research and product development. Our team is enthusiastic about presenting the fruits of our labor and commitment, offering an unmatched energy storage solution that is dependable and effective. With our batteries energizing essential operations, we take pride in our ability to revolutionize the manner in which energy is consumed and stored worldwide.

Our business highlights include:

  • A dedication to utilizing clean, sustainable, and dependable materials that won't be depleted in the near future.

  • A team composed of experienced battery experts and innovative business leaders with a strong plan in place.

  • Tackling significant energy demand issues.

  • Offering a price that can potentially trigger significant adoption and significantly undercut all competitors.



MPGA Battery R&D by M.H.I Co., Ltd.


Pioneering the Future of the Technology Industry with Unmatched Innovation


M.H.I. Co., Ltd. (McKinley Human Innovation Limited) in Japan is a developer of innovative MPGA batteries. We are actively engaged in technology development, management, global business cooperation, and production consulting.

Unleashing Cutting-Edge Innovation: MPGA battery R&D and our partner companies dedicated to industrial transformation are confident that they will achieve the widespread adoption of large-scale MPGA batteries at the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, thanks to their powerful performance and efficiency.

Expanding into Global Markets: As global business marketing, sales, and production consultants, MPGA Battery R&D is poised to introduce the MPGA Battery to markets worldwide, revolutionizing sectors reliant on advanced battery solutions.​


Disclosure of innovative materials: With ambitious plans for a full-scale product announcement and commercial launch in 2024, MPGA Battery R&D and our Association are establishing state-of-the-art research and development centers and cutting-edge factories in strategic locations such as Japan, Korea, London, India, the United States of America, and other major countries across the globe.

Targeting Key Industries: While our primary focus lies in the electric vehicle market, we are also setting our sights on other critical sectors, including compressed energy storage and major battery-powered electricity markets.

Unparalleled Functionality and Performance: With its exceptional function, unparalleled performance, and steadfast dedication to a sustainable future, MPGA Battery R&D & Association is ready to emerge as a strong partner in not only the national industry but also major industries worldwide.

Thank you for reviewing the information about MPGA batteries. The potential impact of our innovative technology on the technical industry has already been proven through extensive testing and research with major Japanese partner companies over the past decade. We humbly hope for the opportunity to collaborate with all valuable global business partners and application developers. Together, we look forward to harnessing the power of our cutting-edge innovation to create transformative solutions.

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Official logos for various applications

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